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Version: (One) developer version 1.2z


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Download Links Description


Phantom Kernel EUR version for N9005 (Snapdragon International / hltexx / Europe)


Phantom Kernel ATT version for N900A ( AT&T )


Phantom Kernel CAN version for N900W8 (Canadian, same as T-Mobile)




Phantom Kernel DCM version for N900D / SC-01F (NTT Docomo)




Phantom Kernel KDI version for N900J / SCL22




Phantom Kernel KTT version for N900K (KT Corporation)




Phantom Kernel LGT version for N900L (LG Telecom)




Phantom Kernel SKT version for N900S (South Korea Telecom)




Phantom Kernel SPR version for N900P (Sprint)




Phantom Kernel TMO version for N900T (T-Mobile, same as Canadian)




Phantom Kernel USC version for N900R4 (US Cellular)




Phantom Kernel VZW version for N900V (Verizon)



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